Hello there,

Do you:

  • Lack data to make decisions?
  • Spend to much time manipulating data?
  • Want to go beyond Excel?

But don’t know how to start and find the web quite confusing on the direction to take?

Congrats, by landing on this page, you made the first step!

Should you listen to me?

Let me introduce myself and see if you can trust me before reading the rest.

My name is Sébastien Derivaux. I’m 37 y.o. and French. I spent most the last 15 years working in data. First in the academic field (PhD in Data Science), then as an employee and currently as a business owner. I also maintain this blog and write for TowardsDataScience.

I focus on a narrow field: helping marketing and finance teams to exploit data at scale and become data-driven.

Over the last 10 years, I refined my process over and over. Technology also evolved. While ten year ago, I worked full time at Blizzard Entertainment to maintain the EU Business Intelligence infrastructure, I can now deliver a better version at a fraction of the price.

The solution

Let’s get real, what can I offer to solve your data issues?


A state-of-the-art data science infrastructure so you have all the tools to succeed.

A fully managed data warehouse
A solid bedrock for your analytics.

3 data sources integrations
Want to gather data from Excel sheets, Google Analytics and Stripe? We got you covered up to 3 integrations.

Best in class reporting tools
PowerBI and Metabase set up and connected to your data.

Minor updates
Any model change from upstream sources is included.

Leading Data Science workbench
A managed JupyterLab directed linked to the data warehouse.


An empty infrastructure being quite useless, we kickstart it to achieve greatness.

Business rules
Raw data only bring you so far. Let’s push it to the next level with high level SQL data modeling. Like this one. 2 days of development included.

Data Support
Just give me a ring. Any question at all, I’ll be happy to answer.

I want you and your team to use analytics to its fullest.
I will teach you all my tricks.

Hiring support
Want to recruit a Data Analyst or a Data Scientist but unsure on the candidate? Let us interview him and ask tricky questions.

In short, you unlock Data Science capabilities for your company. Best in class analytics and peace of mind. How awesome is that?

Interested? Shoot me an email (seb@dataintoresults.com).

The price

Okay, so how much does it cost to solve your data issues? You can hire a full time employee, pay Amazon for the servers or work with me for:

870€ / $980 / 820£ per month

That’s right, for less that 1K a month in any currency, you get both the infrastructure (servers, software, …) and consulting work. I just ask for a 12 months engagement because most of the work is at the beginning.

Beware, at each new customer, the price increase. The next price increase will be 1050€ / $1200 / 980£. That’s a 2160 € loss if you wait for too long.

Want the deal? Shoot me an email (seb@dataintoresults.com) .

Refund policy

I want to have high standard for myself. If you are not satisfied after three months, just ask and get 100% no-questions-asked refund guarantee. I’m so confident in the value I can provide that I will pay for the servers myself if you are not happy.

Try getting back money from a unsatisfying employee or from Amazon Web Services.

Unhappy? Ask for refund. Wait you should hire me first (seb@dataintoresults.com) .

The timeline

How does it work in concrete term? Let’s see the schedule.

Day 1 – Let’s meet

We start with a Skype, Zoom, phone (or face to face on option) meeting to better understand.

  1. Business: I want to know everything about your business and which questions wake you up at night.
  2. Existing data stack: you probably already have some pieces of the puzzle.

Day 14 – You first analytics

On this morning you will get your first report or Slack notification. Will it be about MRR? About SEO? Can’t wait to know.

We will iterate from there in an agile way depending on your needs.

Day 30 – Monthly report

Every month, you get a report on what has been done, any issue encountered and some insights found on the way.

Day 90 – Production ready

The work is done, reports (up to three) and definition have been adjusted with experience.

Day 365 – What next?

This is the end of your commitment; the choice is yours. We can continue our arrangement and I add new features and reports, or you can take ownership of the data stacks. The latter is especially suitable if you have grown an internal competency during the year.


What kind of data warehouse software do you use?

The default data warehouse software is PostgreSQL up to 100GB of data. If you have higher needs, we provide Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift or Snowflake on option (with a additional cost).

Where is the infrastructure hosted?

The infrastructure can be hosted on most cloud provider or can be hosted inside your own infrastructure. All virtual machines are on Ubuntu except the PowerBI Gateway which runs only on Windows (only necessary for PowerBI).

Now it’s time to take action

Okay, I got nothing more to say. Your call now. Will you shoot me an email (seb@dataintoresults.com) ? Watch a cat video?
Beware, I never saw a cat being helpful on data issues (got two at home).