Becoming a Data Hero

From data monkey to data hero


Despite all the talks about big data and data science, it seems that at many companies, we are still in the era of data monkey. Hours are wasted copy/pasting cells from Business Intelligence tools to Excel and making manual reports.

Most of my time is spent churning out a bunch of fairly standard reports on a monthly/quarterly basis. – The Business Intelligence guys complain

This is not not business intelligence. This is waisting time.

What is the issue here? There are two:

  1. The data is in different systems, hence the copy/paste. There is even a joke “export to excel is the third most common button in data and business intelligence app ... after OK and Cancel” about it.
  2. The data need to be processed for vizualisation. For instance, a webserver log is not valuable in itself. Neither is a detailled list of sales. But the conversion rate from web visit to sale by acquisition channel derived from those data is something valuable. Hence the manual report and the copy/paste madness.

What if we can have all data inside the same system and powerful way to process the data? The solution is a SQL data warehouse.

One sql database to rule them all

Data Warehousing is an old concept dating from early 1980 at least. The idea is to get all the corporate data in one place, and make it easy to query. Even the most brightest Excel and Power BI users recognize that adding a database for data shapping is invaluable.

The main issue is that up to now, those data warehouse are IT domain and business users have few power over it. Every change takes months and direct access is usually forbiden. It is sad that so much power keep sleeping.

Our aim is to provide all the infrastructure so you don’t have to rely on your IT department but still be able to tap all the power. Most of the cloud-based BI tools stop with import and vizualisation of data. We don’t. With our tools, you will be able to create a simple and strong data warehouse to help your daily work and produce insightful analysis.

We rely on SQL, the language of databases. Here again, I can quote Excel experts that it is “easy and valuable to learn some simple SQL code”. With Data Factory, you don’t have to handle all the tricky part of a data warehouse, there is only one langage and it is SQL.

You are close to become a data hero for your company, let’s get started.. Our promise is simple, we want you to achieve something significant in just a day (and, by the way, that day stared when you landed on our website).